An update on Assembly 2022 planning

January 18, 2022

When planning for Assembly 2022 began two years ago, it was with an eager desire to gather in Calgary to celebrate 20 years of full communion, and deepen and grow the relationship between our two churches. Since then, we have been deeply impacted by the COVID pandemic. We have seen restrictions tighten and then loosen, only to be tightened again (and again!). Through all this uncertainty, we remain a people of hope, addressing these challenges with creativity and faithfulness.

Planning for Assembly 2022 has continued through this time on various aspects of theme, agenda, worship and more. The difficult and uncertain piece in all of this is whether our gathering should be held in-person.

We know that some are looking forward to an in-person gathering. Others are very hesitant about such a gathering as COVID continues to evolve on what feels like a daily basis.

The Assembly Planning Committee knows that a decision about whether an in-person gathering can be held must be made very soon. Please pray for the committee as we weigh many factors. We are seeking to fully assess the risks, including consultations with experienced epidemiologists, with the goal of making a final decision by the end of February. Once a decision has been made, this will be communicated widely.

Please know that any decision made by the committee will be in the best interest of the health and safety for our community.

With prayers for our continuing witness to Christ,


[signed] +Susan C Johnson

Bishop Susan Johnson
National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

[signed] +Linda Nicholls
The Most Rev. Linda Nicholls
Primate, Anglican Church of Canada