Nomination for the Council of General Synod 2023-2025

Nominations for the Council of General Synod must be submitted by
4:45 pm (EST), Friday 16 June 2023

GS2023 COGS Nomination

• The members of the General Synod from each diocese are encouraged to nominate collectively one of their members from each of the Orders of Bishops, Clergy and Laity (who may be the youth member) for election to the Council of the General Synod. In addition, a diocese may nominate its youth member for the separate youth position.

• The duties of the Council of the General Synod are set out in section 34 of the Constitution of the General Synod(The Handbook of the General Synod of The Anglican Church of Canada, 19th edition, published 2019).

Required skills and qualifications include:

• Must be a member of General Synod;

In making nominations you may wish to consider the following:

Does this person have:

• Leadership experience in their diocese, parish or community.
• A demonstrated capacity for critical and appreciative reflection.
• A demonstrated capacity to deal with diversity of perspective and experience in the church.
• The ability to cooperate in consensus decision making.
• A commitment to preparation and follow-up before and after meetings.

The thirty-sixth session of General Synod (2001) adopted a resolution calling on the dioceses and provinces “to encourage members of under-represented and minority groups to be involved in the councils and committees of the Church.” You are therefore strongly encouraged to nominate persons who will contribute to a more diverse and representative membership in General Synod committees.

Members of the Council:

• Are required to attend and participate in three or four-day meetings in the Toronto area (and occasionally elsewhere) twice a year and to carry out other tasks between meetings;

• May be asked to serve on a Standing or Coordinating Committee or task force of General Synod and to act as a link between the Council and the Committee or task force; and

• Are expected to facilitate communication between the Council and the dioceses of their respective ecclesiastical provinces.


Category of Nominee
First name and initial
Postal Code
The following information will be shared with those who will elect the members of the Council, i.e., the members of the General Synod from your ecclesiastical province.

Provide a brief biographical description of yourself (no more than 100 words) with specific reference to experience, skills, abilities and gifts that you would bring to this work. (Note: submissions longer than 100 words will be edited.)

Reflect briefly (no more than 100 words) on the challenges and opportunities facing the Church national as it seeks to further God’s mission. (Note: submissions longer than 100 words will be edited.)


I certify that this is a collective nomination of the members of General Synod 2023 from the diocese listed below and that the nominee is willing to serve if elected.

Type your name as signature

Note 1. Youth Member: “… one representative who will be at least sixteen years of age upon the opening of General Synod and under the age of twenty-six years upon the prorogation of General Synod, who shall be a communicant member of The Anglican Church of Canada…”
Constitution of the General Synod, Section II, 8) h).

Note 2. Members of the Council must accept and adhere to the Sexual Misconduct Policy Applicable to National Staff and Volunteers and are expected to sign the Charter for Racial Justice. Copies for signature will be distributed at the first meeting of the Council and will be kept on file in the Office of Human Resources at Church House.

Note 3. Nominations for the Council must be submitted by e-mail in Word format by 4:45 pm (EST), Friday 16 June 2023 via this form or email to:

Shannon Cottrell, Executive Secretary for Governance
[email protected] Subject Line:  Nominations – CoGS
Telephone:(416) 924-9199 Ext. 334

Note:  If this form is being submitted after the deadline because the person in question is an alternate delegate who has now been appointed as a delegate, it must be accompanied by the supporting documentation that indicates the date on which the alternate was appointed.

Maximum upload size: 5MB