Writing Resolutions for General Synod


Resolutions have 4 parts:

  1. an opening phrase: That this General Synod,
  2. a clear statement of the action(s) you wish the General Synod to take
  3. a description of the action to be taken (refer to a committee, write a letter, set up a task force, etc.) and who is responsible for follow-up, if any
  4. a timeline for action, if applicable

The text of the resolution should be in the active voice (not passive) and subjunctive mood. It should be clear from reading the resolution exactly what would happen and, where applicable, who would do it, if the resolution were adopted.

You are advised to include with your resolution(s) a brief explanation of its intent (Background). You may not however, include a preamble (“whereas” clauses) in the resolution itself. This is so that the actual action being requested may be readily addressed by the Synod.

A Resolutions Template has been included in the Convening Circular for your use.


All resolutions will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee to ensure that they are in order. They must:

  1. Deal with a matter that falls within the jurisdiction of the General Synod.
  2. Be clear, unambiguous, accurate, and capable of performance.
  3. Be of a national rather than local nature.
  4. Not be calculated to be a source of embarrassment to the Church.

If adoption of your resolution entails the spending of money, please alert the Resolutions Committee to this fact, and identify the source of funds, if possible. Resolutions that entail expenditures will be considered by the Expenditures Committee before being presented to Synod. If it would require a significant allocation of staff resources to achieve, you should check with the General Secretary to determine whether there is staff capacity.

The Resolutions Committee may group together similar resolutions and may ask you to make changes to clarify your resolution, or to consult with people addressing the same issue, in order to frame one resolution.

The Resolutions Committee may assign your resolution to the No Debate List. This does not imply that your resolution is not important, merely that it is considered by the committee to be uncontroversial and not needing debate. No Debate List resolutions will be dealt with by an omnibus motion during the proceedings of General Synod.

As there are often many resolutions, the Resolutions Committee (a Sessional Committee of the Synod) will place them in priority according to their source in this order:

  1. from within the General Synod itself – Standing and Coordinating Committees, Councils and Commissions;
  2. from ecclesiastical provinces and dioceses;
  3. from members of General Synod.

Priority on the agenda will be given to those resolutions that are included in the Convening Circular.

Although resolutions have the priority noted previously, they may come up for debate in relation to similar items on the agenda.

Adopted by the Council of General Synod, March 2023