Travel Expense Policy for Qualified Persons at Assembly


Travel expenses as defined below apply to delegates, seconded staff, and invited partners or guests of General Synod at Assembly 2023 (“qualified persons”). General Synod is not responsible for travel expenses of other persons accompanying a qualified person.

All air and train travel must be booked through UNIGLOBE The Premiere Travel Group (UNIGLOBE). For Assembly 2023, this will be facilitated by completing a traveller profile at the website listed below. Prior to completing, please refer to this policy and the Registration Information Package, sections Registration Process and 4. Book Travel (pages 2-4) and Travel Arrangements section (pages 5-7). Once completed and submitted, an agent from UNIGLOBE will contact you to finalize your booking.

Traveller profile

No matter your mode of transportation, please note the following:

1. Travel booked with UNIGLOBE will be paid directly by General Synod and is not to be included on the Travel Expense Form.

For Air Travel:

  • WestJet is our preferred airline for travel to Assembly.
  • General Synod will pay for one checked bag. This service will be carried out by UNIGLOBE. Additional baggage will be at the expense of the delegate.
  • Travel add-ons, such as travel insurance, can be arranged at the expense of the delegate.
  • Changes to your booking are subject to approval by General Synod. Please email requested changes to [email protected].
  • General Synod will not cover any costs for additional passengers travelling with a delegate. You are welcome to book through UNIGLOBE, and we are pleased to extend our group rate.

For Train and Bus Travel:

  • Travel by train must be booked through UNIGLOBE and is subject to the restrictions listed below.
  • Travel by bus may be booked independently and is subject to the restrictions below.

There are some restrictions on train and bus travel. General Synod will pay the lesser of train, bus, or economy airfare. For example, should train fare be higher than economy airfare, delegates will be advised of the difference in cost by UNIGLOBE and, should travel by train be chosen, delegates will be invoiced by General Synod for the cost difference. Bus travel is to be booked directly by delegates and if the cost is higher than economy airfare, delegates will be reimbursed for the equivalent of economy airfare.

For Car Travel:  

Qualified persons, who are driving, see Sections 2, 3, and 4 below.

2. Qualified persons within a reasonable driving distance who drive to Calgary, Alberta will be reimbursed a mileage allowance at the rate of .62¢ per km. Mileage allowance is reimbursed only to the driver; meals en route will be reimbursed for the driver and passengers who are qualified persons (also see Section 3). Carpooling is encouraged.

Other qualified persons, who prefer to drive, will receive the lesser of economy airfare (as determined by UNIGLOBE) or the mileage rate of .62¢ per km.

Parking fees along the route and on-site will not be reimbursed by the General Synod.

3. The General Synod will pay travel expenses for one return trip to Calgary, Alberta. It will not pay travel expenses for clergy or others traveling to their parishes or homes during Assembly.

4. Amounts indicated here for meals en route to and from Assembly are suggested maximums and apply only when extended travel time, or the timing of connecting flights necessitates. (B=$10.00; L=$15.00; D=$20.00). The daily maximum is $45.00. General Synod will not accept charges for alcohol.

5. Travel health insurance is not reimbursed by General Synod; however, it is recommended that you review your province’s policies regarding out-of-province medical coverage.

6. Itemize receipts must be provided for ALL expenses other than mileage allowance, and are due by July 31, 2023. Receipts from point of sales terminals that do not display purchase details may not be reimbursed.