Resolution Number: A054
Subject: Amend Canon V (Archives)
Moved By: Chancellor Canon David P. Jones, K.C
Seconded By: The Ven. Alan T. Perry
Be it resolved that this General Synod:

Amend Canon V (Archives) as follows:

  1. Insert section 1, renumbering all subsequent sections:
    1. DefinitionIn this Canon:“Document” includes data and information in electronic form.
  1. Amend section 4 (as renumbered) to read:
    1. Under the direction of the General Secretary, the Archivist shall:
      1. establish and maintain a records management program for the active records and related documents of the General Synod and its committees, councils, boards and commissions;
      2. collect, arrange, describe and preserve the permanent records and related documents of the General Synod and its committees, councils, boards and commissions;
      3. collect, arrange and preserve the official documents of the Primate, the General Secretary and all other officers and employees of the General Synod;
      4. receive, additional to the Archives of the several ecclesiastical provinces, the records of the election, consecration, translation and installation of bishops of The Anglican Church of Canada, and the records of the election and installation of metropolitans;
      5. encourage, co-ordinate and assist, in co-operation with their respective archivists, archival programs in the dioceses, ecclesiastical provinces and related agencies, including religious orders, ecumenical coalitions and theological colleges;
      6. collect, arrange, describe and preserve any other documents, publications, graphic materials (photographs, paintings, posters, etc.), sound recordings, films, videos, and other electronic media pertaining to the history and activities of The Anglican Church of Canada;
      7. co-operate with the Canadian Church Historical Society in promoting interest in the history of The Anglican Church of Canada.

Source: Governance Working Group

Submitted By: Governance Working Group

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications? 

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications? 

Yes     No




Section 11 c) ii) of the Declaration of Principles requires the enactment or amendment of a canon (which does not deal with doctrine, worship or discipline) to be approved at one session of General Synod by a two-thirds majority of each Order voting separately. 

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