Resolution Number: A100
Subject: Determining Delegates for General Synod 2023
Moved By: Chancellor Canon David P. Jones, K.C.
Seconded By: The Rev. Dr. Karen Egan
Be it resolved that this General Synod:

  1. Confirm the resolution adopted by the Council of General Synod in November 2020:

    THAT the number of clergy and lay delegates for General Synod 2022 be determined by reference only to the four specified dates (Easter, Pentecost, the 2nd Sunday of September, and Christmas) in 2019.

  1. Declare that this decision applies to the meeting of General Synod in 2023, postponed from 2022.

Source: Council of General Synod

Submitted By: The Ven. Alan T. Perry, General Secretary

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications? 

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications? 

Yes     No


In the normal course of events, the number of clergy and lay delegates for each diocese is determined based on average attendance for Easter, Pentecost, the Second Sunday of September and Christmas in the second and third years prior to the meeting of the General Synod. (Constitution section 8 f) v)) Thus, these figures for the years 2019 and 2020 would be used to determine the number of clergy and lay delegates for the 2022 meeting of the General Synod. It was clear that the attendance figures for 2020 were anomalous due to the pandemic and consequent suspension of in-person worship services in most of the country. Since it would be impossible to determine reliable figures for 2020, the Council of the General Synod decided to use the figures for 2019 only, rather than 2019 and 2020, for the 2022 meeting of General Synod. That meeting was then postponed to 2023, again due to the pandemic. Thus, the General Synod is being asked to ratify the decision of the Council of the General Synod and declare that the number of delegates for the current (2023) meeting is correctly based on average attendance figures from 2019.



Section 11 b) of the Declaration of Principles requires the Constitution to be amended by a two-thirds majority of each Order voting at one session of General Synod.

Note: an amendment to any section of the Constitution which has its origin in the Declaration of Principles must be consistent with the Principle concerned.

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