Resolution Number: A040
Subject: Motion Responding to GS 2019 Resolution C005 – Changing the Bands for Determining the Number of Elected Clergy and Lay Members from Each Diocese
Moved By: Chancellor Canon David P. Jones, K.C.
Seconded By: The Ven. Alan T. Perry
Be it resolved that this General Synod:

Amend paragraph 8 f) of the Constitution as follows:

  • in paragraph i) ,“4,999″ be changed to “2,500″;
  • in paragraph ii), “5,000 and 9,999″ be changed to “2,501 and 7,500″;
  • in paragraph iii), “10,000 and 14,999″ be changed to “7,501 and 15,000″;
  • in paragraph iv), “5,000″ be changed to “7,500″.

Source: Governance Working Group

Submitted By: Governance Working Group

Does this motion contain within it any financial implications? 

If yes, has the General Synod Expenditures Committee considered the implications? 

Yes     No


General Synod 2019 passed the following resolution:

Resolution C005—Constitutional Review (as amended)

Be it resolved that this General Synod:

Direct Council of General Synod to review the composition of the membership and the rules of order and procedure of General Synod and bring forward any recommended changes for consideration at the 2022 General Synod.

At the November 2021 meeting, the Council of General Synod directed the Governance Working Group to proceed with the steps necessary to implement the working group’s five proposals to respond to Resolution C005.

The resulting membership in General Synod is shown in Appendix 1 (attached to this resolution). Note subsequent changes:  Toronto now has 3 bishops (instead of 5), and Mishamikoweesh will have 3 (instead of 2).  As a result, the total number of bishops would be 40, and the total size of General Synod would be 258.



Section 11 b) of the Declaration of Principles requires the Constitution to be amended by a two-thirds majority of each Order voting at one session of General Synod.

Note: an amendment to any section of the Constitution which has its origin in the Declaration of Principles must be consistent with the Principle concerned.

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